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After School


Our After-School programs not only help children excel academically and develop life-long skills, but assist them in discovering their true talents. Our enrichment programs include our Homework Club, foreign language, and optional programs. Our development programs include ballet/Chinese dance, drawing, music, and vocal instruction.

We have school bus pick up. Please call us for more details.

Our After-school Care program aims at helping both students and parents:

How we help students:
– “Homework Club” assists students in completing their school assignments;
– ‘Language’ prepares students a new foreign language;
– Help tackle students’ weak points in language, arts or math;
– Developmental programs (dance, drawing, music and vocal instruction) help develop life-long interests and skills.

How we help parents:
– We give you peace of mind, as you know your kids are in good hands enhancing their academic skills or developing life-long talents.
– We save you driving time. By offering so many different activities and classes in one place there’s no need to chauffeur your kids around from one venue to another.


– Homework Help: Assists students in completing their school assignments.
– English/Math additional practices and Help: Provides additional English and Math practices and helps students advance their levels.
– Gym/Game Play: Makes students more active!


Monday – Friday 3:30pm -6:30pm


Elementary and middle school students over 5 years old.


Teachers and staff are reputable experienced and responsible professionals. Foreign language teachers are highly qualified in standard Hindi and native speaker.


If you live in the town of North Brunswick, Board of Ed provides school bus to bus your children to our facility in North Brunswick at 3.30PM. Please contact BOD for application.